IPRO is primarily a solution provider that offers a comprehensive approach that is rare in the industry. More than 94% of the company's projects are implemented in a " one stop shop" mode, from the ground level of pre-design work to turnkey delivery. Find out more about our competencies.


IPRO carries out maintenance of objects – washing and cleaning, monitoring the technical condition of lighting, checking the tightness of connections and the integrity of the insulation, aligning the aiming of lighting. Not to worry.


IPRO ensures qualified installation. The company has its own electrical installation teams with experience in many regions and climatic zones. This is what guarantees our customers quality on time.


IPRO will prepare a lighting project to get approval of city services, structures, owners and operating organizations. Our experience allows the company to deal with these types of issues with ease. Fast. Effectively. Easily.


IPRO implements projects in all regions of Russia – as well as, for example, in Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia. If necessary, the company will select suppliers of special lighting solutions, deal with foreign trade issues, and organize the delivery of equipment. Right on time, of course.

Project Office

IPRO carries our projects – from lighting concepts and design to cost estimates and installation documentation. The company’s own project office is perhaps the most experienced lighting project developer in Russia.


The IPRO factory is a modern, high-tech, world-class factory located in the Tula region. The company manufactures most of the lighting components itself. From aluminum casting to metal, glass and plastic processing. From wire bending to powder coating. From printed circuit boards to lenses, from … in a word – yes, almost everything.


IPRO manufactures over 500 models of lighting. All are developed by the company’s own design department, tested in a lighting laboratory, tested in a climatic chamber. Therefore, the company warranty is at least 3 years.